What type of products do you use and where do you purchase them?
The products we use are environmentally friendly, not hazardous to your health or the environment. We purchase our products directly from the source. 

What makes your service different from any other cleaning service?
Our Complete Home Cleaning is more thorough than that of other cleaning services.  We treat your home with the utmost respect-all of our cleaners are hand-picked and specially trained to do so. All of our cleaners have an eye to creating a visually attractive home for you, should you wish them to organize areas of your home. We are an environmentally and socially responsible service. 

What are your rates?
ENVIROMAIDS  understand each house is unique and each standard house cleaning is  different. Our prices are very affordable -CONTACT US -and we'll give you a free estimate.
Do I have to be home when someone cleans?
No, you don’t need to be home when we clean it. Some clients let us in before they leave for work and show us how to let ourselves out or we can also arrange a key situation.

We have pets, is that a problem?  No is not, we are accustomed to working around them. If your pets tend to get anxious around strangers it is best them in an enclosed area during the first cleaning or until they become accustomed to the cleaner. Please remember that extra time is needed to rid a home of pet hair.

Do you have specific services contract?
Yes we do, as soon as you decide to contract our service we will send you our  terms and conditions via e-mail  with all  specifications and details provided.